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Oct 25

What are the benefits of receiving massage on a regular basis?


Massage is one of the healthiest gifts you can give yourself. Although you will feel pampered and cared for during your treatment it is not merely a fluffy luxury. Finding your perfect therapist and sticking with them is an important component to the healthy effects of massage. First, find a schedule that fits your time and monetary budget then discipline yourself to commit to that schedule. Whether it's every six weeks or every week keep in mind that consistency is far more important than frequency.


Here's what happens when you receive regular massage: You will sleep better, experience less pain, feel happier, your range of motion improves, your digestion works more efficiently, your circulation improves, you experience fewer headaches, you will have more vitality, you will smile more often. Each massage builds on the last one so after a few massages you feel the good effects more deeply and they last longer. Aches and pains you used to take for granted and perhaps stopped noticing simply disappear. If you are experiencing a particularly "sticky" issue, ask your therapist and they will be able to refer you to a qualified professional who is better able to help you. We in the healing community work as a team, our goal is to help our clients & patients reach their healthiest potential.


After a few sessions your body and mind will relax more deeply due to building trust in your therapist and cell memory; just walking into the studio will trigger your relaxation response. The importance of finding your perfect therapist and sticking with them cannot be overestimated. We see your body objectively. It is our job to notice your body and the small changes it experiences. Gait, posture, condition of your skin, weight, muscle tone tell us a lot about your health. We are able to point out small changes before they become conditions or injury. Noticing a change in the beginning stages means healing or correcting can be made with a lot less effort than waiting for a real injury or condition to manifest.


Please let me know if you have any questions. I am always happy to answer.









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  • What's so great about standing up straight? Well.... the human body is amazing, each muscle, bone & joint has been designed to do very specific tasks. Improper posture shifts those tasks to other structures in the body that were NOT designed to hold our body in alignment. This results in chronic pain & tension especially when we engage in repetitive tasks in our work life, exercise or during our favorite hobbies. The reasons for poor posture include but are not limited to: emotional state, self esteem, how we think the world sees us, working life, how well we hear & see... the list is endless. That said, standing up straight will help us feel better in our body, heart & mind. When we live our life in poor posture our joints experience wear & tear in a way that hastens the inevitable wearing out, our breathing is restricted, our digestion is negatively affected & we feel less vitality than we would if we were living in good postural alignment. Try this.... slump in a chair for 5 minutes check in with how you feel; then sit in postural alignment in a chair for 5 minutes, check in with how you feel. Notice the difference. Often before or after a massage session I give a quick postural assessment for clients. Holding yourself in proper posture can be difficult to get used to, your muscles may actually start to get sore because they haven't been used properly for a while, but you can do it! You can teach yourself to stand up straight for free! It takes discipline & several reminders throughout your day & a commitment to sticking to it. If you have a phone, you can schedule reminders throughout your day to stand up straight, take a few deep breaths then get back to whatever it was you were doing. This will help your body create an internal memory of postural alignment & soon you will find it comes naturally, unthinkingly to you. You'll breath better, digest better, feel better, chronic tension can melt away, your moods will be more even, you will have more energy. And.... it's free!! It's something you can do on your own, anywhere your happen to be. So, I hope you join me in the quest for Proper Posture! If you'd like a Postural Assessment before or after your massage appointment, let me know so I can schedule some extra time with you. Thanks! Gail
  • This is your place to ask questions about massage, wellness & aromatherapy. As many of you know I have been a practicing massage therapist for 20+ years. That's a long time and a lot of bodies! I have practical & intuitive knowledge that I am more than happy to share. In that 20 years I have heard & seen some amazing things..... nothing really shocks me anymore! So... feel free to ask any questions you are needing an answer to. Thanks so much Everybody! I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely - Gail